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Monday, August 19, 2013

August Updates Pt. 2

We just got back from our mini vacation with the family and I am happy to report that things went really well overall. Yes, there were a few "jump in a lake" and "swim with the fishes"moments - both literally and figuratively - but, for a 4-day trip including DH and all of my in-laws (did I forget to mention that before) it could have been worse! In fact, I only read 2 chapters of one book so that should say something! This doesn't mean I am ready to travel in a pack again any time soon but it may be possible again, one day! And, now I know what to do if I ever win the lottery... move out of the city, and into a lakefront property in nowheresville!

Now, 3.5 days of work followed by another long weekend ahead... next stop... ginormous Italian/Portuguese wedding!!!

Ps. No appearance of my first little nephew yet.... but he has an awesome gift I picked up waiting for him! Actually, I think it's more for his daddy but, oh well!