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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Pain of Infertility on Mother's Day

This was originally posted on Once again, I edited so if you want to see the full thing please see here.

For those who are still trying to build their families, Mother's Day is not just for mothers. It's for the mother-to-be and for those still trying to build their families through fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, or other family building options. YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO! Think of it as a day to honor special women, which you all are. Make it a day all about you! 

It's not an easy day… Infertility is something that you never forget - it is who you are, where you've been and where your going! 

I know you want to celebrate the day with all your mom’s or reflect on the moms that have passed, but something else inside leaves you thinking when will it be your turn? It's upsetting and hard to keep a happy face on without the tears rolling down your eyes. It's bad enough that you see every Mother's Day commercial for flowers and chocolates, and babies are everywhere… 

Honoring those women who continue to have hope and dreams of motherhood… Read some quotes from others still traveling down the road of infertility. Baby dust to all! 

"This day can feel like you’re getting salt rubbed into your wounds."
"It hurts more, especially when you've just had a BFN and you're uber sensitive"

"Silence will whisper the thoughts that I feel on this day."

"My smile on the outside shows my pain on the inside for Mother's Day as every year passes me by!" 

My comments:

There are very few people who have seen my pain on Mother's Day, but this year has been different as it is already getting to me pretty hard. A couple of people are already very aware of how I am feeling right now! Salt rubbed into an open wound sums it up pretty well, especially since I have tears stinging at my eyes while I write this. Maybe it's because we haven't even tried in over a year, or maybe it's because I am not sure how much longer I can (and will have to) wait to try again. Whatever the reason, this day will come and go like all the others and hopefully by Monday I will be "normal" again.

Right now, the only thing keeping me positive is knowing that my sister and BFF will be celebrating her FIRST Mother's Day this year and I couldn't be happier for her if I tried. I am counting down the days until I get to see you for your baby shower and hopefully feel my nephew kick! I'm gonna buy him a soccer ball!