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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garage Sales Aren’t So Bad After All!

How on earth could I possibly have forgotten to write about this after telling everyone around me about it? I am really starting to lose my mind…

On Victoria Day weekend my neighbors were all having garage sales early in the morning. I was inside watching TV, not ready to face the day, and DH was outside chatting. He came in a couple of times to ask if I wanted to look at anything and I said no each time. Then he came inside again to tell me they were all done for the day and if I wanted anything it was my LAST chance… so I caved. And I am SO glad that I did!

I went out and saw a designer purse at the back of my neighbors table which intrigued me, but when I spoke to DH I told him it was probably a fake so I wasn’t interested – to which he responded I was shallow! Anyhow, she was tired of selling so she decided to donate everything that she had left to a local charity and started loading everything into garbage bags while we talked… including the purse! I jumped when I saw her throw it into a garbage bag and asked her to pull it out right away. Then I asked her if she knew if it was real or not. She said “this old thing? I have no idea… take it! I don’t want it”… Um…. Ok! Her husband came over so I asked him as well and he said that chances are it was real but he couldn’t say for sure. It was in pretty good shape so I offered her 20$ for it but she refused.

I ran inside with it right away and started the long process of authenticating the bag. First I found that it was real, then I was able to prove that it was possibly a fake, and then late at night (ok, like 1AM) I found all of the information I needed to prove that it was indeed AUTHENTIC! And VINTAGE! Later in the week I brought it in to work for “show and tell” and brought it to someone who knows these bags very well and she also agreed that it is definitely AUTHENTIC, and then went on and on about why I should use it right away and not keep it hidden in the closet.

So, I am now the proud owner of an AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON, monogram vintage shoulder bag, Serial Number 822 (1982 – Feb) made in France! I need to get around to cleaning it and get over my weird issue about using it but it’s mine… ALL MINE! And I am in love!