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Monday, January 28, 2013

Hairdresser Hunt

Why is finding a good hairdresser so complicated?

I had one that I loved and i was with her for years! She knew what she was doing, we got along really well, we talked and talked about anything and everything, she wasn't overly expensive, and then... she moved to Italy. I continued to see a couple of the other stylists at the same salon but over time they all left, others came in, management changed and it just didn't feel right anymore. I walked by the other day and I am not even sure they are open anymore actually.

Then, about a year and a half ago, after doing groceries one day I noticed there were coupons on the back of the receipt for a salon in the same mall. I decided to try them out and found a new hairdresser that I liked. Only, without a coupon, she cost twice as much after tax and tip! I cannot justify spending 70$ on a simple haircut. I don't get anything fancy or out of the ordinary done. I don't need it styled afterwards. I don't need hundreds of products sprayed on. I just need a haircut! So, I continued going to see her, but much less frequently than I had in the past due to the cost. Seriously, I think it has been about six months now since I have cut my hair! I am way overdue!

And now, I don't have a car. And where is the salon I started to go to? Just slightly, annoyingly out of the way for me to get to by bus! So, after a night of hunting last Friday I have managed to find a chain of salons that seem to meet my needs. All of their locations are close and easy to get to from work, their hours are good (very early to very late), they are affordable and they sounded professional and nice over the phone! I made an appointment for this Friday and I hope that things will work out!

I swear, finding a good hairdresser is worse than finding a decent man! OK, maybe not THAT bad, but it isn't easy!