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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dream Diary: Three Little Dreams

I am sure there are many dreams to share between the last one I wrote about and now but these all took place last week, consecutively, and they were too bizarre not to share…

First dream: I somehow find out that LM is my BIRTH mother. I confront her about it and I find out the reason she came into my life years ago was because she realized she had made a mistake giving me away and she wanted to know that I was ok, but she was too afraid to tell me all this time that she really was my mother. I was livid and beyond angry. I said all kinds of horrible things to her. I told her I hated her and wanted nothing to do with her ever again. And then I woke up feeling awful and actually felt a need to apologize to LM for being so mad at her in my dream! Thankfully, she found this amusing and was not upset.

Second dream: LM and I get into the car after work and she turns to me and says “I have something to tell you”. She then starts to tell me that she and her husband are getting divorced, they are heading in different directions, they have different interests… and I have a breakdown about it. Again, totally NOT going to happen!

Third dream: DH and I are asleep and I feel something jump up on the bed. I assume one of the cats got into the bedroom but when I look up there is a miniature goat staring at us! I shove DH and say there’s a goat in the bed but he just moans. He finally rolls over and sits up, coming face to face with the goat! He looks at me and repeats “there’s a goat in the bed” and, before I can say anything else, the goat bleats really loud and runs out of the room!

Never a dull moment, huh?