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Friday, January 25, 2013

Dream Diary: Where Are We?

Generally, I do not have crazy, wild, vivid dreams… I swear! In fact, I usually don’t remember anything I have dreamt at all. But, add some hormones into the mix and things start to get a little livelier! Whether it is simple birth control or fertility meds/injections, my imagination seems to go into overdrive! The more I am on, the crazier the dreams… and trust me, they can get a little out there! Thankfully, they are mild right now.

Over the years I have shared some of these dreams with friends here and there, usually because one of them were in the dream, but I think I may start to post some of them here from time to time. I am not a huge believer that your dreams have hidden meanings and parallels to your life so I don’t read too much into them… but they can be quite amusing. And no, I will not be using people’s real names! A girl has to keep some things private. Besides, it adds a little bit of mystery too! Let's just hope I can keep track of everyone...

So, for starters, here’s an older dream that I still find amusing… and, keep in mind, I was LOADED (on hormones) at the time so I don’t know what I was thinking! It was so vivid I thought I was there…. I remember waking up lost that morning! 

This dream took place on some sort of resort or resort-like property. I actually know which resort my brain modeled it off of but I am not sure why it did. Anyhow, I seemed to be alone but there were people nearby that I knew very well; EF (and her child) as well as KD. We were all sitting by the pool, but separately, and the pool was full of people I would consider acquaintances and co-workers. I was all torn up about something and I was hiding my tears behind huge sunglasses while reading a book. KD saw me crying and came to comfort me, but the whole time I could see EF was “keeping watch” over us in the distance and she would not let us out of her sight. KD saw this as well, grabbed my hand, smiled and we started to run through the property up to the main road. I remember looking back and seeing EF chasing us but we lost her somehow. Also, it was hot and sunny by the pool, but cool and dark up by the road for some reason so KD wrapped his towel around me. Flash forward (literally, my dreams tend to time-lapse forward quickly, almost like a fast forward button – weird, I know) and I am waking up in a strange room that I still do not recognize. I get out of bed and wander around noticing that a patio door is open and when I walk over to it I see that it is a “swim out”. KD is sitting on the ledge with his feet in the water and he hands me a drink. We hardly look at one another and we say nothing. Flash forward again and we are sitting eating breakfast together in soaking wet bathing suits, laughing and joking. Then a weird “Groundhog Day” thing happens and I keep replaying the latter part of my dream over and over again, from waking up to eating breakfast, until suddenly it stops with a pounding at the front door. KD gets up to open it and EF is standing there in her best “celebrity” look; high heels, dark glasses, expensive jewelry and all. She looks at her watch, taps it and gives KD a nasty look of death. He simply looks down at the floor, waves her into the room and she walks straight over to me and grabs me by the hand (here we go again) and we leave… once again, nothing said, so I can only assume that I was there for days? Maybe, maybe not? Who knows! 

This may not seem overly weird when you read this, but if you are able to put the pieces together and connect the dots as to who everyone is then you will see why this, to me, was really bizarre and completely impossible! 

Till next time….