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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sister-in-Law's and Baby Showers

Just for fun, I googled "sister-in-law" last night... and you wouldn't believe the amount of negative links that pop up! "Affair with sister-in-law", "My sister-in-law is evil", "So and so's enemy", and "Sister-in-law from Hell" to name a few... wow! I am happy to say that I do not have any of these problems with MY sister-in-law, although I know that not everyone is so lucky.

Because I love MY sister-in-law, I threw her a semi-surprise baby shower on April 17th and I am happy to say that everything went well! Better than expected, actually, and I am pretty sure she had fun too! Yay! Lots of presents, balloons, homemade cupcakes, and the restaurant (which I originally had my reservations about) turned out to be very helpful in the end!

Now the real countdown begins; about a month, and I am really excited - for them and for me! I have never been an aunt before! And, now that the big day is coming up, I can finally let you all know that I am expecting a niece! I couldn't be happier right now... well, despite our own "issues"... but for the next couple of months it is all about my niece! I cannot wait to meet her...