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Friday, April 1, 2011

Round 3 (IVM): Summary

As some of you already know, I did another cycle in March using the embryos I had frozen back in December. Of the 2 embryos transferred on March 16th one of them was as perfect as can be in IVM! However, I did not let myself get my hopes up because I saw firsthand what that can do back in January when I was devastated. 

I remained pretty neutral throughout, even went back to work after a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks (yes, the doctor agreed to this) and I did not include very many people in this cycle either.  It was so much easier this way and I have learned that, in future, this is the way to go! In fact, I will probably include even fewer people. No offense to anyone, just my choice.

On March 28th I did my final pregnancy test at home and saw that it was still coming up negative. At this point, I pretty much knew that my blood test would only confirm what I already knew… and that is just what it did.

I met with my doctor yesterday and will be moving into IVF. Like he said, we tried IVM and it didn’t work… but it was far more successful that IUI ever was so there is hope in that. Yes, I already have a schedule set up and have a pretty good idea of when things will be happening but, as I mentioned above, I will be keeping things to myself for now. Only a few people know at the moment and very few others will be informed. 

So… round 3…. bust again…. moving on….