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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Updates

DH is home from Germany so life is somewhat back to normal again. Mind you, sometimes I feel as though him being gone IS my normal (after previously living alone for 5+ years), but I miss him when he is gone so I guess not. Who knows! His schedule is still a little off so he’s been leaving early this week, so, no stepping on each other’s toes in the morning yet! Yay! When he is away I get into a routine and when he comes back he always finds a way to ruin it! LOL.

A few days ago I had the pleasure of experiencing our wonderful and efficient medical system as well! Can you sense the sarcasm yet? I had a scheduled appointment and was not seen until 4 hours later! While waiting, I developed a splitting headache and thought maybe it was because I was hungry, so I went to the cafeteria and got a turkey sandwich and an apple juice for 10$! It was good but not worth 10$! By the time I came back up from the cafeteria, someone else had curled up on one of the small sofas to take a nap so I took the other and did the same. To make matters even more aggravating, once my name was called my appointment itself only took about 5 minutes but then I had to wait another half hour for the doctor to review my file, give me more instructions to follow, and tell me to come back a few days later! I go back tomorrow; hopefully things will go a lot smoother! I can be extremely patient when I need to be, but that was ridiculous!

Nothing is new with work. I don’t necessarily have more to do than usual at this time of year (although a bit more I guess), I just NO drive to do any of it. If I put my mind and all my energy into it I could probably finish everything by the end of this week, but why? I am tired of overdoing things so I’m not this time. It’s tough for me NOT to do things, but I have to learn one of these days, right?

Oh, and the plans for my sister-in-law’s baby shower are well under way! And, other than keeping her happy, my new mission is to not let others hijack my plans away from me! It has been a tug-of-war this last week to do so but I WILL win! Maybe this is where all of my determination has gone? Oh, and just to torture her, if anyone ELSE out there is curious to know what the plans are just ask! I don’t mind sharing!

And… I thought there was something else to add? Oh, right… apparently my mother re-married on March 4th. This is basically all I was told a couple of days after the wedding, and I was told in much fewer words than I am writing now. Communication in my “family” is not the greatest, can you tell? A number of people have asked how I feel about it and the simple answer is – I feel nothing. Sure, she re-married and he has 2 children slightly older than I am but does that mean I now have a stepfather, stepsister, and stepbrother?  No. I know his kids and have not spoken to either of them in years, nor do I care to. As for him, I barely know who he is. I am happy that he keeps my mother happy (because I sure as hell can’t), but other than that… congratulations is about the only thing I have to say about the situation.