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Monday, April 19, 2010

Round 2: Step 3 (First Ultrasound)

Had my first ultrasound this morning for Round 2... And I am still not sure how I feel about it... Slightly mixed emotions at the moment...

For Round 1, I went for my first ultrasound on CD10 and had a follicle measuring 8mm. When I went back on CD14 no other follicles had grown and the 8mm follicle was still 8mm. And for my last ultrasound on CD18 nothing was left so basically it didn't work.

Today is CD12 of this cycle and once again there was only 1 dominant follicle and it was measuring 9mm. Yes, this is larger than last cycle at this point but still not really close to where it should be. It needs to be almost twice this size to mean something so it is only have way there. I have to go back on Friday, CD16, to see if anything changes.

What does this mean? Well... if it grows exponentially that is great! It means that I responded to 100mg of Clomid and we can continue with the hCG injection and BD while crossing our fingers! However, if it disappears again then this means that I am not responding to the Clomid and they will be changing me over to daily hormonal injections to see if that works.

Many people tell me not to worry, that I always have in-vitro to fall back on, etc... But the thing that no one seems to understand is that even for in-vitro I need to create a large enough follicle in order to do the egg collection and this has yet to happen. So no, right now I do not have in-vitro to fall back on unless I want to use an egg donor and I am SO not ready for that in any way right now!

To be continued I guess...