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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Round 1: Step 3 (First Ultrasound)

So, today is Step 3... ultrasound, and hopefully the injection! Somewhat nervous, yet optimistic as well. DH will be meeting me there too. I will update later tonight or some time tomorrow! Fingers crossed everyone : )

Update: Just got back. One follicle was definitely there, but it still has room to grow so I will be going back on Monday (CD14) for another Ultrasound. It was measuring an 8 when it should be closer to a 14 or so. It is still early so that was to be expected and she said that more may be present by the next appointment. Depending how things are then, I will start the Ovidrel and get back to baby making! I am very happy with this because even having 1 ready has exceeded my expectations!