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Monday, March 15, 2010

Round 1: Step 3 (Second Ultrasound)

Back to the hospital today... appointment at 3:15. Hopefully things are growing nicely and I can get the injection! DH is not coming today so I am on my own. Will update later today or tomorrow...

Update: Well this sucks. The largest follicle from Thursday is still there but has not grown. The others around it have all grown but none are larger than the previous one measuring 8mm. So I still don't have any that are ready to go. I go back Friday (CD18) for one last ultrasound but they said it is just to "complete the cycle" and not because they expect something to have changed. Try again next month basically and this time with a higher dose of Clomid (100MG instead of 50MG).

P.S. Happy Anniversary... was hoping to have had better news.