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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Think before you ink!

Let me tell you, having a tattoo removed is way more work than getting some new ink! The first question anybody has asked has been about the pain. Is it painful? Yes. More than getting a tattoo? Yes. What does it feel like? Hrm… and elastic band smacking you repeatedly in quick succession a couple of hundred times while burning through your skin sounds about right.

Is it really worth it? YES!

Lots of people wait years before committing to a tattoo and then say they should have done it sooner. No, you shouldn't have! Waiting was probably the best decision you could have made, even if it was unintentional.

None of my ink is distasteful, but it was all done with very little thought, effort or meaning. Some, as previously mentioned, out of spite/angst. Not the right reason to permanently mark up your skin! Spontaneity is not always your friend. Don’t follow a trend (Kanji? Barbed wire armband?), don’t get a guy’s name, don’t get something that had about a minute of thought put into it!

Right now I can honestly say I WANT about 6 tattoos, but I am only definitely getting 1 of them (the cover-up that I am working towards) and likely 1 of 2 others. The rest are just things I WANT but will likely never GET.

And since I will never remove a tattoo again after this one, I've even gone an extra step... stick on! Yup, that's right. I am going to have a test round with a temporary tattoo to see if I can stand the sight for however long it chooses to remain on me. That’s the fun thing about technology, I can now print what I have planned and see it on me for a while before making it permanent.

So, now that my first round of laser has healed I need to look into the next. I could do it now, but then I can’t swim or expose my back to the sun much… which would be hard in summer. So, I might wait until September for the next round of pain! But that doesn’t stop me from getting new ink in the meantime once I narrow it down!

And, I am still working on DH to get something too! He said he would get something I showed him… but I THINK he was joking…