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Monday, February 27, 2017

Like A (Broken) Record

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
What do we do? We swim, swim.”

Dory – Finding Nemo 

It's really strange the way the world works. A year ago, the thought of spending a few hours alone with the LO gave me tremendous and sometimes debilitating anxiety, and today... right now... all I want to do is drop all of my responsibilities and hang out with her; climb into bed and snuggle under the covers for a long nap!

Mainly because everything ELSE is giving me tremendous anxiety…

I seem to be at a peak of generalized anxiety. Add to this the fact that DH just left on another business trip, AF is worse than ever (like I feel I should be going to the ER and not my GP but I can’t because DH is away), the LO has a dry cough that is worrying me because she was just on antibiotics and we are leaving on vacation in just over a week, and… we are leaving for vacation in just over a week!

Add all of this to the usual work issues compounded by some additional extra demanding work issues and I just want to wave the white flag!

I was supposed to see my psychiatrist this week about reducing my dose of antidepressants. Hah! That’s not happening. I have postponed the appointment by a couple of months because I am far from ready!

A week away, at my home away from home, should do wonders for my psyche… but we have to get there first.