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Monday, September 28, 2015

Prenatal Class Part II (and more…)

Prenatal classes are officially over now! We learned a lot more than I thought we would so I would still highly recommend these classes for anyone on the fence like I was. In fact, I am considering them as a baby shower gift for a couple of people right now!

This last class covered C-sections, post-partum care and a lot about breastfeeding (which I am a bit nervous about so this was great). They also went over diapering and bathing your child which I found a bit tedious, but some people haven’t been around children, especially babies, as much as we have so they probably aren’t as comfortable as we are with these things so it was good to talk about.

And it’s a good thing most of this class was interesting enough to keep me awake, because I was exhausted from my surprise baby shower Saturday night!

Weeks ago, I remembered that it was my brother-in-law’s birthday was this past weekend so it was the perfect decoy in my mind. And, my mother-in-law is going out of town for a couple of weeks as well so doing it after she gets back would just be really late for a shower! So when all of this dawned on me a while back I figured that it had to happen now! But then I was thrown off enough during the last week that part of me started to think I might have been wrong all along and I convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen until late October! Then on Friday, when I went to edit something in my registry, I noticed about 1/3 of it had been purchased all of a sudden so I was convinced again!

And I was right!

Even better, it was pretty much everything my sister-in-law knew I wanted; small and simple! I knew I could count on her to keep things that way! My ginormous cake was made by our favorite little cousin/pastry chef; it was stunning, and mostly diabetic friendly too! I promised myself I wouldn’t spoil this kid too much, but apparently others didn’t get that memo… because this kid got a lot of loot! Thank-you once again to everyone... especially my SIL!

The one downside to this past weekend is that I have developed a wicked case of heartburn! It started around Thursday or Friday and has not let up. I wake up every morning around 3am and have a hell of a time getting back to sleep because of the burning as well. I feel nauseous (and exhausted) all day long and really have no appetite because of it. I spent half of Saturday unsuccessfully trying to sleep because I knew it would be a late night, birthday party OR shower! Considering I am now 31 weeks pregnant and this is only the second pregnancy symptoms I have had (the first being the intermittent leg/muscle cramps and spasms) I shouldn’t complain, but it really isn’t fun! I am going to Neverland today to see my OB so I will bring it up. I really don’t want to take any unnecessary medications, but if I can get something to help me through the night at least, I will figure out how to manage the days somehow.