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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Testing… Testing…

One month, a handful of blood tests and 1 biopsy later… and now we wait for answers… again!

I will be seeing Dr. D soon for follow-up and I am hoping that everything comes back clean! And, in the event that something comes back with issues then I hope there are simple solutions and we can move forward quickly. From my brief research, everything I tested for has a solution so I am not really worried. Or, should I be? I never know with these things.

I still don’t understand why no one thought to do these tests earlier on, but if I have learned anything at all from my experiences with Dr. D it is that everything I did with my former doctor can simply be thrown out the window! Another lesson – trust your instincts, because I felt there was something wrong way back then and I put too much faith in the letters after his name to say anything. Lesson learned!

So, the tests I did back in December were for “recurrent pregnancy loss”. I won’t bore you with the details since you can find everything online but, for the most part, they deal with blood clotting and not clotting properly. For those of you who are going through the same hurdles I am and wish to compare, the blood tests included:

  • Thyroid peroxidase antibody
  • Prothrombin G20210A mutation
  • Anti cardiolipin (IgC and IgM)\
  • Protein C
  • Circulating anticoagulant
  • Factor V leiden
  • Activated protein C resistance
  • Protein S
  • Lupus anticoagulant

And then there was the always pleasant Endometrial Biopsy I had last week. Yes, that was written with a touch of sarcasm! I have had a similar procedure done before and was given no pain medication which resulted in me nearly passing out in the middle of it from pain. Knowing I was terrified of a repeat performance, Dr. D prescribed me pain killers… really, really good ones! I was on Dilaudid as well as Ativan, both 1 hour before the procedure. Within 10 minutes of taking them I was happily dozing on DH’s shoulder, and an hour later I was in the stirrups not really sure what was going on around me. This doesn’t mean there was no pain involved, there was, but it was extremely manageable… from what I can remember! I slept all the way home, had a “healthy” McDonald’s dinner, and then I fell asleep until 7am the next morning! One thing I do remember, clearly, was Dr. D saying they were out of stock of my future injections and we may have to come up with something else… followed by DH piping up saying I had already bought them!!! Can you feel the love?

Oh, and speaking of those injections, in the event DH has to go away again I have made arrangements with 2 backups to stick me with needles so that’s another potential problem taken care of! Yay!

Our next step is to see Dr. D, deal with any new findings (hopefully none) and move on to our next transfer! And if I need to break out the duct tape to keep myself quiet about it this time I will, but it would also help if people would stop putting me on the spot and ASKING me about it! I think next time someone asks I will simply reply asking them the last time they had sex, or maybe something even more awkward... I mean, really?