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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Updates

It seems my previous post about palm trees being in my future was premature! With DH's travel schedule it just won't happen. We will still go in spring though, like usual, only longer. Maybe two whole weeks for our anniversary!

And, speaking of his schedule... he came home last Thursday and left again on Monday. This month, he will be gone all week and home on weekends before he takes off for another 2-3 weeks on the West Coast. We are trying to make the most of it but it is still hard and it is slowly taking its toll on both of us. Two days a week is not enough! In fact, this weekend is already completely full! In addition the the usual house stuff to take care of (I hate fall chores by the way - picking up leaves, ick!), we have to go to the garage with both cars for oil and tires and we have some family obligations to take care of as well. Even going to the garage together is a luxury at this point because we would usually just do it ourselves!

In order to spend some time together this weekend, I just booked a couple of massages early Sunday morning. Ironically, our time together will be spent apart but we both need this right now! No distractions, no interruptions, no cellphones, no family or friends... just peace and quiet. I am not even going to say which spa I booked for fear of people looking for us! It is one of the three I frequent, maybe... have fun hunting!

Actually, booking the spa was amusing. After choosing your package, they ask if you want a male or a female masseuse. By default I asked for female, but then I hesitated and was tempted to ask if their males were built like roman gods! Hey, I wouldn't mind! But I stuck with female for both of us... sigh.

Recently someone commented on how often we splurge (in their opinion) and they mentioned that they felt it was a bit excessive. And, you know what, to many it might be; but when you balance a once in a blue moon spa outing with weeks apart from one another - I don't think it is. We work hard for what we have, and while it might seem like splurging to some, I can assure anyone that our savings are just fine! I am not a millionaire, but I know how to manage my finances thank you very much.

Honestly, this "lifestyle" does kind of sucks right now... but I am thankful; for my home, DH, the people surrounding me, the support I have, and the opportunities I get the rest of the year because of our successes. I take the bad with the good I suppose and I am hardly ungrateful. It is what it is!