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Friday, April 19, 2013

Dream Diary: The Dreaded Dentist

Now that I have told you all about my dental drama, I will explain that I am either clairvoyant or I jinxed myself! A couple of weeks ago I was prescribed Percocet for recurring migraines as all other medications had failed. I am not a fan of the idea of Percocet but last week I caved and took one because I was just in too much pain! And I learned something… it isn’t only hormone medication that gives me wild dreams, painkillers do too!

In the first dream I was in the dentist chair with a bunch of people staring down at me and poking around my mouth. At this time the dentist said I was going to need an emergency root canal and I lost it! I was terrified. To make things worse, DH left me there all alone and didn’t say where he was going so while I was suffering and in pain (apparently no one bothered to freeze me for the root canal) I was also trying to call out for DH to save me. Finally, the root canal was over and when I looked up DH was standing there with a bunch of balloons from my favorite party store. He said something like “you always say no one ever buys you balloons so I thought these would help cheer you up”! I guess overall this was a sweet gesture, but if this ever happened in real life just hold my hand please (or knock me out)!

Now, the next morning I was convinced that I had woken up during the night panicking and that DH had gotten up and got me water and everything. I went to apologize to him and say thank you for being so sweet but, here’s the thing, he said that it never happened! I thought he was joking because the memory was so clear in my mind but he swore I never made a peep. Creepy!

Last night I had to take more painkillers, thanks to my dentist, so I took Toradol figuring Percocet was overkill. And, while I was right, it had the same effect in my dreams! I think it was related to a conversation I had earlier in the day or that somehow the conversation triggered it. In either case, I am NOT sharing this one! This doesn’t mean it’s dirty, it just means I am not sharing so get your minds out of the gutter!