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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dream Diary: A “Charmed” Sleep

For Christmas, DH got me the “Charmed” DVD box set. I watched this series when it was on TV and, while I agree it was/is cheesy, I love it! Since I have frequently been a work widow the past couple of  months I have been plowing through the series, sometimes watching 3-4 shows a day… and I think I'm having side effects. 

In a nutshell, the series is about the Halliwell sisters who are good witches known as “The Charmed Ones”. Each of them starts off with one power and over the series they gain others but I am not really there yet. Right now Prue’s main power is telekinesis, Piper can freeze things and Phoebe has premonitions and levitates. 

So, why do I think I have side effects? Because a couple of weeks ago my dreams were overrun by magic! In my dream I was sitting in my home office when someone burst through my front door and I could see who they were through a premonition. Then, I reacted by slamming my laptop shut through telekinesis, running to the top of the stairs, freezing the intruder and then kicking him in the head while levitating. And this dream came back night after night in bits and pieces (which is the usual for me)!

I am still watching the DVD’s… but not as many episodes per day now!