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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Updates

Where has the time gone? April just flew by it seems… we are already in May! So, a quick update from April…

We were in NYC from April 2-5. It was a pretty good trip overall and I was able to get/do everything on my list… I just killed my feet, knees, and body in the process. I am not made to walk 100 blocks a day! And yes, I did take a lot of pictures, I just haven’t had time to post any of them yet so for those of you who have been asking, they should be up soon!

And, this last weekend from April 27-30 we were in Toronto for my BFF’s wedding reception (the one who got married in Jamaica a month ago). Lots of sleeping in and late nights! We also hit Red Lobster and Medieval Times while we were there so it was a pretty busy, but happy, weekend!

What’s planned for May? So far…. nothing!!! I will be a work widow again for about a week and a half, but other than that – peace and quiet! And I am not complaining! I need some down time.