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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Round 1 IVF - IVF + IUI = ?

The months leading up to this last round of treatment, as well as the cycle itself, were so frustrating that I just can’t help feeling really “detached” from it all now. I just want this round to be OVER so I can move on with life, whatever that entails.

Yes, I did POAS 10dpiui but it was mainly to be sure that all of my injections were out of my system and not potentially going to give me a false positive later on if I tested again. And now that it is later? I have no urge to test again. I don’t care all of a sudden. Everything I have felt has been a symptom and every symptom could be nothing because of the hormones I am taking right now so I am not reading into anything this time around. Whatever happens, happens, and if I really had a say in the matter then I wouldn’t be doing all of this to begin with so clearly what I WANT doesn’t really change anything!

So that’s where I’m at now, 12dpiui and I have basically lost interest for now. Whether I test on my own again or not does still remain to be seen, but after my beta test next week I will know for sure and we will see where things lead from there!

And, just so you are all aware… I may or may not post the results right away (or at all). We might be away for a couple of days after the test and I will see about posting them after we get back… maybe.