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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Round 1 (IVF): Ultrasound 2

Ok so the second ultrasound is done. Things are going well but it's still far too early to tell anything. I go back in 3 days for another one so hopefully I will have a better idea of how I am responding to things then.

The injections on the other hand... ouch! I don't know what's wrong this time but I am just not coping with them well. I am taking 2 different ones a day right now (the Repronex like last time and Orgalutran as well) and every day it seems like a different one is acting up on me. My legs are sore, I have huge lumps at each injection site that last for 2 days or so and I will not be ending them any time soon right now. Even the blood test this morning hurt! I guess it's age LOL. Anyhow, it's all for a good purpose so I will stick with it. I may have to try using other injection sites though if I am going to make it through... arms or stomach (ew)!

That's it for now... will post more when I know more!