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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Round 1 (IVF): Substituted with IUI

I had my third ultrasound last Friday and things do not go as planned. In the previous scan I had two potential maturing follicles and a bunch of tiny ones, but on Friday I had only one large follicle remaining and all others had shrunk down. This is good AND bad. Good, because my body is responding the way a "normal" woman should finally. Bad because when you are doing IVF you would hope for more eggs to be collected! Why go through everything for only one egg?

Anyhow, so they initially scheduled me for IVF and told me they would phone later with the details on when to come in and everything. My doctor would have to review my file before things could be finalized. Which he did... and then he cancelled my IVF. Basically, with only one possible egg AND the fact that the ovary is still stuck behind my uterus he didn't want to risk the trauma. Not to mention that the government only pays for three cycles and it would have been wasted on this really.

So, how do you get the egg out? Ovulate. He told me to take my "trigger shot" and come in the following day for IUI. I find this ironic because this is how we started treatment YEARS ago and my follicles never fully matured causing them to cancel four cycles. Now that I am in IVF they are maturing well and suddenly we have to go back to IUI.

Anyhow, so we went in on Saturday and had the IUI. DH did his thing, we waited for nearly two hours and then, once my name was called, it took all of five minutes. Romantic, huh? And now we wait. Although I admit I am not overly hopeful. My chances just went from 50% to 16% apparently, so we will see!

So, in TTC lingo I am now 3dpiui (three days post IUI). Unrelated, my sinuses are completely blocked and I haven't been to work yet this week. IUI symptoms? Aside from major cramping the day of I haven't kept track this time because, honestly, everything becomes a symptom and they have only led up to disappointment so far so I am not bothering. I will just take things one day at a time and see.