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Thursday, December 15, 2011


As I have been saying all week, it is not a good week to be one of my pets right now!

Last Thursday I had to bring one of my cats to the vet because she had an awful smell coming from her mouth (she had it for a couple of months but it got way worse). The vet said that two of her canine teeth were infected and would have to be removed and that she also should get a cleaning - to the tune of 900$ and she gave me a referral. I booked her for tomorrow morning.

Then, earlier this week (Tuesday) I come home and one of my fish had died. He had been sick for a few weeks and I was doing everything I could to help him but he didn't make it. Usually my fish are buried out in the front garden, but since the ground was kind of frozen and my "pallbearer" is away for work again... I flushed my first fish *cry*.

And then more bad news tonight, or maybe it's good news? So I brought the cat in tonight so that they can treat her a bit overnight and then do the surgery early in the morning. I met with the vet/surgeon and find out that it's not just an infection she has but rather Feline Periodontal Disease! The good news is that it is being caught and treated earlier, the bad news is that she may lose more than just her canine teeth tomorrow and I have no clue what this will all mean long-term. I will be looking into it all soon though. And, because she will be under for such a long time they want to keep her another night for observation so I won't see her till Saturday.

The house is really quiet. We are down to my freaky cat, one little fish and myself.