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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week Of Monday's

Today is Wednesday, but for me this whole week has felt like a Monday! Over and over again like a horrible "Groundhog Day" thing.

On Monday-Monday, DH informed me that he will be spending an extra week away for work. This is nothing unusual, other than the fact that we have all sorts of plans next week and the intention was for him to be home in time for all of those plans... and now he won't be. Thankfully I managed to find someone else to go to a show with me and re-scheduled an appointment we had but, unfortunately, I had to give him a bit of information about his surprise b-day BBQ. He said it was fine that I told him, but I am still upset. Anyhow, plenty more surprises on the way so not a big deal I guess. Anyhow, at night I decided to use our pool for the first time and clean out the skimmer too. More on this in a moment...

Tuesday-Monday went pretty well during the day. Been pretty busy but everything is going well. I came home and decided to go in the pool again for a bit and that is when I saw it. My brand new 100$ bathing suit, that I am in love with and had never worn prior to the day before, was ruined! While cleaning out the skimmer the night before, I guess I rubbed the fabric too hard on the cement and I made my whole right boob FUZZY! I came back inside as soon as I noticed and order a new one online (which was now 35$). Then, I made some pasta and when i went to shake the parmesan the top flew off and I got cheese all over my kitchen!

Wednesday-Monday things started to look up. I woke up with a splitting headache and was about to stay home until I remembered I HAD to go in to work for something today. I got up and got ready and while I was a little bit too early for my usual bus, I was just on time for the one before so with a little run down the path I caught it and ran into a friend so I had some company on the way to work at least. In the middle of the day something struck me and I decided to double check which bathing suit I had ordered, and sure enough it was the wrong one! Similar but not the same. This evening I decided to go back to the store to see if they had any left at all and they didn't... BUT... I got the item number, called another location and they have put one aside for me! You know, it's not every day that I actually like the way a bathing suit looks on me... in fact, I don't think that I ever have! So, I am super happy about that now and I have cancelled my online order as well! New one for vacations, damaged one for home. Yay!

So, it is nearly Thursday and it seems that "Monday" has finally left me. Even better, I don't work on Friday!!! DH was supposed to be come home on Friday, but I will live.