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Monday, February 21, 2011

I Did It! I Quit! Yay Me!

Although I never smoked much, many of you know that I have had a long time battle with myself to quit over the years with many broken promises to myself and others. In my teens I experimented, but I was never a "smoker". Around 2002, after a couple of really bad years in my life, I started smoking socially and it just built up from there. Most smokers I know smoke a pack a day or more but even at my worst I only smoked a pack a week. But, a pack a week was a pack a week and I knew that it was time to change; no more excuses.

In the past, I have tried a "quit smoking program" through work, the gum, the lozenges, and I even went cold turkey a number of times... and I assure you that I have quit before! I have quit many, many, many times but only for a short while each. I think it's true that you can get addicted to quitting at times!

Last November, knowing that I would soon be starting IVM, I made a promise to myself that I would HAVE to quit, no questions asked. Initially, I simply stopped buying cigarettes and for a month or so I would just smoke socially with friends. But, I quickly realized that even that was not enough and I needed to do more. So, this time, rather than telling everyone and having them shake their head at me a month later if and when I failed, I decided not to tell a soul (other than some of smokers I would mooch from so that they would stop giving me cigarettes). This was something that I had to do on my own and for myself. I felt as though I needed to prove to myself that I could do it this time before I would be confident enough to tell everyone.

On December 21st (2010), after about a month of smoking only 1-2 cigarettes a week, I had my last cigarette! And, even then, I only smoked half because it just felt wrong. I have not had even one since, I am rarely around second hand smoke anymore, and I really don't miss it in the least! Even going away, I thought it would be torture because I am so used to smoking when we go south, but it wasn't. Ok, so, being sick helped with that tremendously but who cares! It worked! I went away and came back completely smoke free - aside from far too much second hand smoke but that was out of my control.

So, I am now happy to announce that I am officially 2 months smoke free! Cheers to me for many more!