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Monday, November 29, 2010

Putting Myself On Time Out!

I would love nothing more right now than to hop on a plane, fly to my “home away from home”, rent a place on the beach and just totally cut myself off from the rest of the world if only for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, though, I can’t at the moment and this just adds to my current frustrations.

Don’t tell DH, but I ADMIT that this time of year always has its way of bringing out the, ahem, “best” in me… but this year things are extra “special” so I am having a bit more of a rough time than I have in the past. Between the usual holiday time stuff, treatment complications, DH travelling so much, and a bunch of other smaller things piling up I am really in need for a time out even if it means I have to stay grounded here at home.

So, that is exactly what I am doing. For the next month or so there is nothing really going on in terms of treatment. Generally, I fill in the gaps between TTC postings with other stuff but this time I am going to take a break. I will post from time to time but much less frequently until the holidays are over most likely. I have a few things in the works but nothing complete and I am having a bit of writer’s block at the moment so there is no end in sight; ironically, also not unusual for me at this time of year. Notice a trend? Anyone want to guess which month of the year I hate most? A candy cane to the first person who figures it out!

Anyhow, back to reality… backing off the blog for a bit… and now back to work!

PS. To “Doppler Girl”, thank you for giving me one of the best gifts in the world ever . I love you!