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Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy (Belated) New Year!

It has been more than a month that I haven’t posted anything! They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but guess what? It flies when you’re not too!

Let’s just say 2017 has not been a great year for health so far…

Mid-December I was hit with a nasty cough which led to an asthma attack, the first in years. I was prescribed a different pump to use daily and not much else. Fast forward a week and I was worse than ever. Back to the clinic, only to be told there was nothing more they could do. About the same time, DH came down with a very similar cough and progressively got worse as well, followed by the LO. I finally convinced him to go to the clinic and after an x-ray (and a 4hr wait WITH an appointment) he was prescribed 2 asthma pumps himself as well as antibiotics! The next day I went back to the clinic with the LO and was also given an x-ray and we were both given antibiotics. Fun way to start the New Year! Happily, I am 95% better and the LO is fine. DH on the other hand is starting to sound worse again and, just like a man, is refusing to go back to the clinic.

In addition to the cough, I am continuously dealing with a possible carpal tunnel situation. The pain and numbness comes and goes, but just before returning to work it was at its peak. I went to see an osteopath twice weekly at the end of maternity leave, but now that I am back in the office that just isn’t possible. If I wear my brace to sleep, take an anti-inflammatory, be careful not to bend my wrist a certain way and such then it isn’t so bad… but one slip up and the tingling starts back up again. I was given a referral to a Neurologist for an Electromyography (EMG), but was told the wait could be months. Thankfully, I managed to find a semi-private clinic and will be going for this test soon. At least then I will have a diagnosis, but there is not much else to do for the problem other than… surgery.

One thing at a time…

And then there is the sleep apnea. I finally was decongested enough for the first time since May to try the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment they advised. Oh, hell, no! This thing was AWFUL! I would rather snore, gasp for air and wake up 20 times a night than sleep with a tube attached to my nose forcing air into my throat! You cannot breathe through your mouth without choking, my mouth was desert dry, every time I turned over I would get caught up in the wires, and sleep? What sleep? I was constantly waking up! The lab told me they needed 6hrs for their study to be complete, so at 5hs 59mins of that torture I turned it off and slept soundly for a couple of hours more. They would like me to see there Pneumologist to explore other options. Yet another appointment. Oh, and did I mention that it cost me 800$ for the diagnosis and 300$ for one night with the torture device?

And, last but not least, the devil that is AF. For over a decade I was blessed to never, or rarely anyway, see AF unless using hormonal therapy in one form of another while TTC. It was fantastic! But now, I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am. AF came back, with a vengeance, about 5 months ago. It is like she is making up for lost time; out of the blue and completely out of control, ranging between 3-4 weeks each time with only a 2 week reprieve in between! That, along with other symptoms, has brought about a new referral to Gynecology to try and figure out what is going on. Ugh! I was so looking forward to NOT having some unfamiliar person poke around down there for a while!

So, yup, that just about sums it up.

Oh, and did I mention I am finally back at work full-time? That I was hit with full blown gastro for 48hrs+ by the end of the first week? That we are expecting a huge snowstorm tomorrow? And that DH is travelling again next week so I am once again playing work-widow-and-single-mom?

On the more positive front… we are going “home” soon! More on this later!

Wishing you all health, love, wealth, happiness, and everything your hearts desire!