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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Belated June Updates

I’d like to say that I have been too busy to post, but that really hasn’t been the case. I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and write to be honest. I’ve caught up on some tv shows, started reading a book, baking, and house cleaning for the most part. Fun, huh?

Anyhow, here are some June updates…

After the LO wet the bed 3 nights in a row I decided to take action as she only has 2 sets of bed sheets and I refuse to do laundry more than once a week! So, for starters, we flipped her diaper back to front as per Dr. Google (the back is more absorbent and she sleeps on her tummy now so it should be in front) and then simultaneously cut out the bedtime bottle. And? It worked! We have only had 1-2 leaks in a few weeks now and both times she had a bedtime bottle to settle her down so we know what is partially to blame! Yay for easy fixes!

Our mommy and me groups have mostly come to an end so there is a lot more free time to fill in now. It’s not always easy with people working and taking summer vacations, but we are managing. I was able to volunteer 1 day for daycare so far and have not been able to get back yet; hopefully this week. I cleaned out and re-arranged their whole craft room in about 3 hours! It felt good to help them out since they have helped us so much. I am hoping to go 2 times a week for the rest of summer.

A few months ago the LO and I shared a sinus infection, and this time around she and I shared a throat infection, only hers turned into a case of Scarlet Fever according to the doctor. Like mother like daughter! I have been plagued with these my whole life. Hopefully she won’t be, although her Dad was too. She never even spiked a fever though, and hasn’t really complained about her throat. She had a rash from head to toe but it didn’t seem to bother her either. I would have preferred to see her pediatrician but he was on summer holidays so I had to go to the emergency clinic. Either they misdiagnosed her or we caught it super early and the medication kicked in before the pain did.

Thankfully the anxiety levels aren’t what they used to be so summer has been less scary than I was expecting. Put it this way, DH left for over a week and came home for 5-6 days before leaving for over a week again, followed by a delay that caused him to miss his flight and stay and extra night to top this off and… I was FINE! I was actually jealous that he was held up in London England and had time to play tourist!

We have progress!!

 Not a total success though. DH was home watching the LO when I went out shopping a couple of weeks ago. She was refusing to eat so he sent me a text asking what might be wrong. I replied and thought nothing of it, until about 20 minutes later when I was in the grocery store and felt the walls caving in around me. Why isn’t she eating? Is she sick? Did I leave something she doesn’t like? Does he not know what he’s doing? Is she refusing because I’m not there? Why did I leave her? Did I really need to shop that badly? My heart is pounding. I should leave the cart and just go home… no, that’s dumb, I need to finish shopping or we will have nothing to eat. And if we have nothing, then I will need to leave her again. She needs her meals prepared too. Where is my list? I have to finish. She can have a bottle; I know she will take a bottle. He will give her one, right? Yeah, I’m sure he did. Just finish shopping and GO HOME! It was completely illogical, and I was able to get myself through it without a public meltdown at least. And, once I got home I was able to feed her and everything was fine. It seems her teething was causing pain and she just needed her food a bit more soupy. Crisis averted.

And on that note, we have our first tooth! We noticed it on July 2nd but I looked back at some Canada Day pictures from the previous morning and you see a smidgen of it there too!

Ps. I don’t want to give TMI, but Aunt Flo seems to have been a false alarm… woohoo!