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Friday, December 28, 2012

Sold My Car

Just over a year and a half ago I bought a car from an old friend of mine after her father had passed away. It was sentimental in a way because back when I was 17 or 18 I had bought my first car off of him as well and it was the same manufacturer too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I liked the car a lot along with the freedom it gave me (even though I didn't use it much), but having to do repair after repair was starting to drive me crazy. Not only that, the first was about 200$, the second 300$ and this one was quoted at 500$ if nothing else went wrong in the process (it needed a new gas tank). The garage I go to is owned by the same people I bought the car from so I have no reason not to trust them as they are friends. So I was relieved (and I cannot stress that enough) when they made me an offer to buy the car back instead of putting me in the poor house! They will fix it and sell it and hopefully make a small profit!

Now, I know this is going to sound strange, but today while selling the car my friend told me that she feels like her dad is haunting her with this car. First she had to sell it, then they repaired it over and over and now they bought it back again. I laughed, but I realized something when she said this. When I told my grandmother I was going to buy this car she was very upset. She was afraid of me driving and getting hurt. So, I bought the car but told her that I had backed out of the deal to make her feel better and she was very happy to hear this. My plan was to get better at driving and then suprise her with a trip out in the car later on in the summer but she passed away not too long afterwards and this got me thinking...

I am now starting to wonder if, after her death, she found out that I had in fact bought the car against her wishes... found my friends father up in heaven (or whereever they are) and plotted against us! Not to be mean spirited, but just for a laugh! I can see both her father and my grandmother doing this to us! I know that this sounds far-fetched, but you never know!!!

Regardless of why all of this has happened I am happy to say that, although I am now car-free, I have learned a whole lot about cars, I know what I am looking for in the future and I have gained more confidence in myself driving. I have already started a 2013 budget to help me plan for a new car in Spring hopefully. And, all of this allowed me to reconnect with an old friend after more than 10 years apart... and that is prieless!