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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dream Diary: Insomnia... Melatonin?

It has been about 3 weeks now that I can't sleep, not well anyhow. I tried hot milk (which worked for a bit and then stopped). Then I tried over the counter "sleep aids" which did nothing but clear my sinuses. And now I am trying Melatonin...

After a lot of Google searches and talking to people at work I decided that Melatonin might be worth a try. The pharmacist said that I could go up to 10mg but sold me the 3mg capsules so that I could play around with my dose and now I am conflicted.

I tried 3mg the first night and 6mg the next. It seems like both doses help me fall asleep, but neither of them keep me sleeping much past 2:30 in the morning (fun). I had no side effects from the 3mg but the 6mg gave me vivid dreams again (have you noticed that this seems to happen anytime I take anything hormonal). Oh, and not only did I get an interesting night of dreams from 6mg but I also got a wicked headache... at first I thought it was the Melatonin but I have since realized it was a sinus thing.

I guess overall I DID sleep a bit better on 6mg but it was also so restless because of the dreaming! How can you feel rested when your mind has been racing all night?

Anyhow, I took 3mg again last night to see how it would go and I didn't really notice anything at all... so I don't know. Maybe I should just down some whiskey before going to bed LOL.