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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness

Has it really been nearly a month since I posted? Wow! I didn’t even notice the time go by. So, what’s new? Well I guess the funny bit of news is that I literally have a huge “pain in the ass” right now. I slipped and fell last Friday morning for the first time this winter and managed to bruise, pull and tear my gluteal muscle on the left. Sitting, walking and doing just about anything with that leg hurts at the moment. Anti-inflammatory’s, rest and ice are about all I can do to heal it. Honestly, you never really know how much you use that muscle until you hurt it!

And, I was a work widow for 3.5 weeks again but I guess that really isn’t news to anyone anymore. DH is home now for 10 days and then he is off for work again. But, I get to join him for a few days in NYC this time so I am so excited and looking forward to that trip! It’s funny though, because every time I have been to NYC I leave saying I am never coming back, it’s a crazy city, that it is sensory overload and I don’t like it at all… and about a year later I always find myself wanting to return. I will have one day completely to myself and we will be together for the rest so I have my maps and shopping list all ready to go! And, since the “Sex and the City” tour was so good last time I’m hoping to try out another tour that company offers but haven’t decided which yet. And I won’t have to do it alone this time either! Yay for that! Mind you, I don’t think he would have done a SATC tour with me anyhow!

Sadly, my best friend’s grandmother passed away last Friday as well. I’m not going to go into details as this is personal for her, but I do want to extend my condolences again. Despite the circumstances, I do have to admit that I was glad to have her stay with us for a couple of nights though! It was a bit of a shock having DH, BFF, her fiancĂ© and one other friend all arrive the same day for supper after 3.5 weeks alone – but I enjoyed it! BFF is getting married in 13 days and I am unable to attend so it was nice to see her one last time before she is a married woman! I can’t wait to celebrate with you guys at your reception (with a weekend getaway too) in April! We booked everything yesterday so we are set!

And last but not least, our anniversary is this Thursday! After work, DH and I will be heading to the spa for a bit (spoiling for him and more shoulder healing for me) followed by a late dinner at Le Garde Manger. We usually went to another restaurant for our anniversary, annually, but they weren’t great the last few times we went so I think this will be our new place! We have also taken Friday and Monday off together and we have our annual “Shacking Up” event this Saturday as well. A busy but fun few days!